Del Paraiso is a social fashion label with focus on empowering producers and ecofriendly products.

The name is Spanish and means “from paradise”. The name is a synonym for all those special, little things, which make us feel in paradise. The products will be offered under the brands name “del paraiso” are limited just by the fact, that they make life more enjoyable. Most of the products have their origin in countries close to the equator.

Our Mission is to connect lifestyle, products to inspire soul and mind of the customers. Additionally, there is another dimension of trade with del paraiso products. Its following high ethical and moral principles in its business conduct. The aims are to trade directly with artists or producers, to establish fair and responsible relations, to promote producers cooperation’s and to avoid child labor. Additionally “del paraiso” will support educational projects in their partner communities.

The Founders of Del Paraiso are Joan Imitola & Alexander Klebe.